How to look after your Lashes

Lashes at The Booty Rooms

Our lashes need TLC to keep them well maintained, just like our skin.

Lisa Inglis, The Booty Rooms owner and expert Lash Extension Technician, gives us a rundown on how to look after and maintain your lash extensions, as well as your natural lashes.  Just a few simple steps will help you retain your beautiful lashes for as long as possible, and keep them looking lush.

Cleansing your Lashes

Exposure to winter elements like wind and snow can destroy extensions and irritate the skin.

At this time of the year, not only are you exposed to the elements, but you may also be exposed to germs, debris and other pollutants from hot tubs, saunas and shared living spaces.

It is therefore crucial to use a lash cleanser to look after and prolong the longevity of your lash extensions as well as maintain your natural lashes.

Moisturise your Lashes

Just like your skin, lashes need hydration to keep them in tip top condition.   You could use an eyelash growth serum which has the perfect blend of both vitamins and moisturising ingredients to keep your lash extensions and natural lashes hydrated, whilst boosting growth.

Lash Products

Contact us today to find out more about the specialist lash products we offer to ensure that you get the best from your lash extensions, and help retention, so you can show off those beautiful lashes for as long as possible!

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