What is Microblading?

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What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permenant technique that specifically enhances the appearance of eyebrows. The process is carried out using a tool, to which a nib is attached, with a small, sloped blade.  The blade has 10 to 12 little needles at the end.  These needles delicately scratch the surface of the skin and implant featherweight strokes, with a medical grade pigment, into the upper layers of the skin.  This process creates fine, realistic and natural hair strokes.

How long will it last?

Microblading does not penetrate the deep layers of skin; instead only the surface is scratched.  This means that the colour will eventually fade within 18 months. 

How is it different to tattooing?

With Microblading, a handheld tool is used to apply pigment by making small scratches to the skin. Tattooing uses an electrical tattoo gun which pierces the skin more deeply which creates permenant marks.

Will it hurt?

Pain thresholds differ from person to person, but generally the discomfort is minimal.  Some people liken it to having their eyebrows threaded.  Remember, that with Microblading, only the surface of the skin is being lightly scratched, while tattooing involves going deeper into the skin layers.

Is there any aftercare involved?

After the procedure the eyebrows will appear darker than normal, while the skin heals and the pigment begins to fade to its regular shade.  You will be given aftercare instructions by the salon which will include avoiding getting the area wet for up to 10 days while it heals.

More questions?

You can book a no obligation consultation with Lisa to discuss the procedure in more detail, and Lisa can answer any other questions you might have.   Lisa is fully trained in Semi-Permenant brows, and most clients come to us by recommendation so you can be rest assured you are in safe hands.

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