What are semi-permanent machine brows?

What are semi-permanent machine brows?

Machined brows, semi-permanent make up (SPMU) or Micropigmentation as it’s otherwise known, is when a cosmetic tattoo machine implants pigment into the skin using ultra-fine needles.

What kind of brows do they produce?

The needles in the hand tool are so fine, they can create an ultra-sharp, ultra-fine, hair stroke which is perfect for those wanting the most naturalist of looks for their brows. There are various looks of brow that can be achieved with the machine such as:


These are when ultra-fine strokes are applied which are perfect for those people that want a more natural looking brow, or perhaps have experienced hair loss, as the brow will look softer.


The technique used here gives a more filled in look to the brows. These are ideal for those that would like their brows to have a made-up look.


Offering the best of both worlds, these brows are a combination of the above techniques, giving a natural yet more defined look.

How long will the brows last?

The machine implants slightly deeper into the skin than microblading so the pigments last longer.   As SPMU brows do however fade over time, it is recommended that you book a consultation 12-18 months after your procedure.

If you have any more questions or would like to book a free consultation, then give us a call on 01733 702079 or email hello@thebootyrooms.com


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