How to Remove your Gel Polish At Home

We know a lot of you might be wondering about how to carefully remove your Gel polish on your nails right now.

Please try to resist the urge to peel it off! You really don’t need to – it’s super easy to remove your Gel Polish whilst protecting the surface of your nail and prevent unnecessary breakages.

Your nails will then be in tip top shape ready to paint!

To remove your Gel Polish at home, you will need:

• Nail File
• Tin Foil
• Cotton Wool Pads
• Orange Wood Stick or Cuticle Pusher
• Cuticle Oil
• Acetone (Nail Varnish Remover will work but may take a little longer)

1 Using the nail file, gently buff the surface of your nails. The idea is that you break through the top coat to get to the colour coat underneath.

2 Thoroughly soak a cotton wool pad in the Acetone and place on top of your nail.

3 Cut a square of tin foil big enough to wrap and cover your nail snuggly so that your nail is packaged up with the cotton pad inside.

4 Wait 10 mins (try 15 if using Nail Polish Remover) and remove the foils and pads, then using your cuticle pusher, or stick, gently push the flaking Gel Polish off.

5 If there is any Gel Polish left on the nail that can’t be removed, gently buff and repeat the process, covering in soaked cotton pads and foil, until all the Gel Polish is removed.

6 Finally, use the cuticle oil to protect your nails and cuticles

We hope that helps!

Look out for our next post ‘How to remove your lash extensions at home’

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